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Red Ant is a leading, Australian based team of Ruby on Rails Developers. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies and startups to integrate their apps with Stripe Payments.
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Red Ant is a Certified Stripe Partner, which means we’ve been through additional Stripe training and certification. We have both Architect and Developer certifications. To achieve this, we’ve had to go through examples of work we’ve done, as well as additional training and technical exams.

By going through the Certification process, our team has a good understanding of all of the different Stripe products and what they do. Because we’ve got pretty deep technical expertise, we can help you understand which products suit you best, and which areas would need additional functionality built out.

Let’s back up a bit. Stripe has some very straightforward implementations, which it calls “prebuilt”. These can be integrated into your site with minimal technical shenanigans. I’m sure if you ask most developers, they’ll say “yeah, we use Stripe”. This is typically what they are referring to. It’s not what we’re talking about here.

In the work we do, many of our clients are trying to create some kind of unique flow - taking their IP or ideas on how to do something better. Using a prebuilt component may mean making compromises that dilutes the power of the idea. They need software that embodies these ideas. And often part of these flows involve payments, or some kind of transaction. As your product takes off and evolves, you’ll probably want to start adding in a lot more different things to your payment flow.

We can also help you evaluate which payment platform is the right fit for you. We’ve worked on a number of different platforms, and there are new ones popping up all the time. Being the biggest, Stripe has pretty good breadth and coverage over the kinds of features people need. However some businesses have existing payment flows using a particular method, which perhaps platform A has but platform B doesn’t. We can help you evaluate the implications from a technical perspective.

The options available to you in terms of Stripe products change a bit depending on which country you’re doing business in. As a summary:

  • Payments - Online payments
  • Invoicing - One-off invoices
  • Billing - Subscriptions and recurring payments
  • Terminal - In-person and omnichannel payments
  • Connect - Multiparty Payments for platforms and marketplaces
  • Radar - Fraud and risk management of customers and transactions
  • Sigma - Custom reporting and analytics
  • Identity - Identity verification of customers
  • Tax - Automatic tax calculation
  • Revenue Recognition - Accounting automation
  • Financial Connections - Linked financial account data
  • Issuing - Digital Card creation

Within each of these products, there are different flavours, with different approaches to customer onboarding, risk management and ongoing charges. For example Connect has Standard, Express and Custom. Each product can also be integrated in different ways to an application.

All of which can get a bit confusing. Let us know if you’d like to have a chat - we’re happy to share our experiences and help get your project moving.

How we can help

New Builds

We create, design and build new apps and platforms. We can help you design for scale, as well as strategy or product support as you need it. We'll take responsibility for delivering your project.We create, design and build new apps and platforms. We can help you design for scale, as well as strategy or product support as you need it. We'll take responsibility for delivering your project.

Existing Apps

We can also take over an existing project. Often companies need a bit more experience, developer resourcing, or help in completing certain features before they launch. Or you might need more development tasks done to your existing platform.

Devops and Platform Support

We also provide a comprehensive Devops and Platform Support service. We'll take on responsibility for monitoring and providing technical support as part of an ongoing plan that we can design with you.

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