We’re a tech agency that delivers amazing digital products.

We dream, shape and build them. These are products for a new type of consumer.

Like the one on your site right now.

We create products that help people

You can muck around all you like working on a “digital strategy” with management consultants and ad agencies. You can sit and dream about how awesome your idea would be if that offshore dev team you’re using actually understood, like, anything. At all.

Or, we could get cracking and make something. Get it in front of users. Build for scale. Iterate.

Sound interesting? Then come and talk to us. Let’s make something awesome together.

Some of the awesome things we've made

Michelle Bridges 12WBT

Australia’s most popular health platform, with incredible growth. Nutrition, fitness and mindset.


Marketplace for influencers. Brands post what they are after, Influencers respond with ideas and get paid for, well, influencing.


An “on the go” health & nutrition platform


Yes, Huggies like the nappies. Turns out parents are a pretty big market, and over half of the mums of Australia are members of Huggies

NPS Medicinewise

A federal govt funded site for medicine and health information. If it’s not listed here, don’t take it.

Rescue your perfect pet

Find your perfect fur baby - a tool for finding rescue dogs and cats ready for adoption near you

Red Ant is a leading digital agency. We're super cross functional. We provide a blended team of UX, strategy and technology. Local not offshore. Deliver quickly and then iterate.

We use Open Source software, and apply an Agile project delivery methodology. We firmly believe in a blended team of designers, developers and strategists building the best digital experiences.

Some of our work
  • Tribe: Marketplace for influencers
  • 12WBT: Health and Fitness app
  • CX: Real Estate advertising engine
  • NPS Medicinewise: Govt drug information site