Senior Ruby on Rails Developer

Looking for a great place to work on interesting projects?


We’re a Ruby development agency. We’ve been around for almost 30 years, with a stable, growing business. We’re busy. We tend to work on larger projects, typically with a mix of Front End, Back End and DevOps tasks.

Rather than work on just one projects, each of our team typically work across a number of projects. Each person has 2-3 projects. Some of our clients are funded start-ups, but most of our work is for well-established companies with meaty problems to solve - like tricky payment flows, security and scaling.

We value quiet thinkers and creative innovation. We try to automate as much of our processes as we can, so our developers can focus on their work rather than babysitting a deploy.

We will never, ever, ever ask you to participate in a Shabooyah roll call.


You’re an experienced developer. You know your stuff. Making nice things is what you do. Pride in the craft of building awesome features. You give thoughtful, considered code reviews.

Sure, you could probably do some Start Up thing. Or you could get a job with a fancy title at a Google/Salesforce/IBM etc. and find yourself one night wearing your tie as a headband. But we think you’ll probably like it more here.

How about if I explain us a bit more:

  1. We’re not consultants. We don’t take on projects for a few months and then hand over (all the while knowing that this elegant yet fragile code is pretty much impossible to maintain). We like being where the tyre hits the road, because we think that is where stuff gets really interesting. We value long term projects, because we know that by refining and iterating we can continually improve an idea.
  2. We all work together. To work together as a high performing team, we think meaningful conversations and interactions are important. To make great digital things, so many different parts need to come together perfectly - from UX to DevOps.
  3. We’re not an ad agency & we don’t outsource. We build. We’re pretty geeky, and while we have UX & design people, we’re undeniably technical. And to be technically good you need not only good people but excellent processes and a strong tech culture. People that care. We’re not that company that seems to build things but actually gets all the work done by the offshore team in Nepal or Poland or wherever. I’m sure those guys are great, but I think there are better things you could be doing with your career other than baby sitting an offshore team. Personally I’d rather watch the entire Wiggles back catalogue on loop.
  4. We work with nice people as our clients. Life is too short to work with dickheads, and it goes both ways.

Full time

This is a full time position. Just in case you’re planning out your side hustle. This isn’t it. And whilst we all appreciate the passion you show after listening to that podcast about the 4h work week, and how you have big plans for Becoming A Developer while actually getting chatGPT to do the work, this is not the gig for you.

Is this remote or on site?

Well, with the dreaded Rona, everything has changed. We used to all work together in a really nice, light filled office that was located in the very epicentre of HipsterLand, Surry Hills. But since then, we’ve all been working from home. So we’ll kit out your home office just right, and we’ll Slack and Zoom away. You can work from wherever you’d like.

So you all work from home, but pretty soon you’ll all be back in the office, right?

Nup. We’re pretty tight operationally. We track what people are working on, how well they’re progressing, and how happy they are with their work. Since we changed to work from home, our productivity is way up, sick leave is way down, the teams happy and we’re pretty busy. So we’re good.

However not everyone can work from their home, so we’re also able to arrange an office if that works better for you.

How much it pays

Really well. Probably much better than where you are right now. But nowhere near as much as that recruiter swears you’re actually worth. He would know, right? With all that deep deep Web3 and Rails on Ruby experience, amazing contacts from all over LinkedIn, etc etc . There is no way he would just make that up to get you to talk to him.


If you’re interested in this position, pro tip: please don’t send in a huge Word doc CV. Just shoot an email to Sarah » with an outline of the kind of projects you’ve worked on, and some insight into who you are. We would love to hear from you.

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