Red Ant web design award at UTS

Red Ant web design award at UTS

We’ve been sponsoring a design award at our local university - UTS. We’ve been involved with UTS for a few years now, including doing studio visits and professional practice talks.

The prize is for excellence in web design, and is open to any design student at UTS, but appears to be popular for the Visual Communication department. The Design school already has quite a strong web design component, and we thought that sponsoring an award would be an effective way of encouraging this.

The award is made available to the student(s) who are judged through their portfolio and interview to have the most creative and practical approach to design for web media.

This years winner is David Chin - congratulations from everyone at Red Ant!

Ben Still and David Chin

Ben Still and David Chin at University of Technology, Sydney

First of all, congrats to David Chin, who was this years winner. Seconds of all, well done to everyone who participated! We're so proud to be part of these awards and to be able to inspire the young 'uns into creating awesome stuff.

Ben Still


13 Jul 2009

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