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Transport for NSW (Sydney Trains)

Visualisation Tool to improve timetable management

Michelle Bridges 12WBT

12 week health & fitness product


Payment and management platform

Tribe Influencer Marketplace

An online marketplace for brands and influencers

Move Outdoor Advertising proposal platform

APP is an automated proposal booking platform for Australia’s largest outdoor advertising networks.

12WBT Daily App

A companion iOS app for this extremely successful online health and fitness platform


Mentored is the digital side of Mark Bouris’s Ch7 TV series The Mentor.


A property marketing platform

Huggies Star Rewards

A place for parents to learn & share

12WBT Dynamic Video

A health and fitness product

Voome Chat Bot

A health and fitness product


A place for parents to learn & share

Momentum for Business

A financial management learning tool

Voome Programs

A health and fitness product

NPS Medicinewise

A reliable online resource for drug and health information

Bondi Vet

Everything for your fur baby


A leading health and beauty platform

Projectt Summary Tool

A project tracking tool

City of Sydney What's On

Whats On in Sydney

Real Pet Matcher

Find your ideal fur baby

Selleys DIY site

One stop information for DIY


A career management platform

Voome Weekly

A health and fitness product

Yates Garden Care

Waterwise gardening, growing your own food, organic gardening, community

How it works

Activate your subscription. Add your work requests. We’ll ask questions, and work with you to establish scope.

We work with you to prioritise tasks, picking the best one to start work on.

Once you’re happy with scope, we’ll start work straight away.

We’ll revise the work until you’re 100% happy.

Ruby development work when you need it

A Ruby development subscription replaces unreliable freelancers or expensive internal staff with a dedicated, experienced team. That you only need to pay for when you need.

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Unlimited requests, Unlimited revisions

Fixed monthly rate

Flexible, pause at any time

Experience & quality Highly experienced, senior developers, based in Australia.

Technically astute Our developers have both UX and extensive development experience, so things "make sense" both technically and from a user's POV.

Unique and all yours All IP and assets are owned by you. They are unique and custom.

Ruby and Backend Development

SaaS applications
eCommerce applications
Payment processing
Custom Development
Deployment setup review & optimization
Code reviews
Best practice reviews

Backend Ruby on Rails Development Pricing

No hassle terms - pause or cancel anytime

Ruby Development Service

Access our Ruby engineering talent for those small ongoing tasks that aren’t getting done.


per month

Pause or cancel anytime

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What's included
  • Ruby and general development tasks
  • Unlimited requests
  • Unlimited revisions
  • All work is 100% yours
  • Pause or cancel any time

Ruby Development Service plus UX

If you need a mix of both Ruby development and User Experience design.


per month

Pause or cancel anytime

Get Started
What's included
  • All the Ruby development features
  • UX and design work also included
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Project based engagement

Project based design and development services, where you get access to our full team

What's included
  • Simultaneous requests
  • Blend of UX, frontend and backend development as required
  • Project Management and tracking
  • Devops, security and proactive monitoring
  • Defined Statement of Work, with deliverables and timeframe
  • Expedited delivery
  • Real time collaboration


Yes! Once subscribed, you're able to add as many requests to your queue as you'd like. We’ll work on those tasks one after another. Once we finish one, we’ll start on the next.

No! We’re not some kind of AI bot or weird offshore freelance group. We won’t use words like “revert” to mean something that it actually doesn’t. Our dev team are all based in Australia.

Yep! For a subscription we don't charge per project or hour worked. You put your tasks into a Trello queue, we’ll work with you to prioritise that queue. We’ll work on one task at a time.

If you’ve got a bigger project in mind, you might be interested in our project based engagements.

Pretty much. The limit is that for each subscription, we’re only working on one task at a time. Each task needs to be tested and accepted before the next begins. So if you have a bigger project with a looming timeline, engaging with us on a project basis might make more sense. But we’ll let you know if we think that would work better for you.

Typically, a task will take a few days. But sometimes you might want to revise, change your mind, or the task might be a bit more complex.

Each task is different - one landing page might be a few days, while if you need a large clickable prototype we’ll need a bit more time.

You can. You can put as much as you’d like into the queue. But we then need to break those requests up into separate tasks, so we can actually work on them.

We’re an experienced team of designers and developers, based in Sydney Australia. We’ve been around for over 25 years, and have worked on everything from tiny to massive projects.

Our designs and UX are informed by deep technical know how. If you’re looking for a team that you can start with an idea, and we’ll work with you to polish it to awesome, we’re your guys. If you prefer the “I talk, you do” style of working together, and you prefer to use uppercase in all communication, then maybe we’re not. Give it a go and see if this works for you.

Depending on the type of work and infrastructure, we’ll use some kind of code editor (each engineer has a preference) and a testing pipeline to confirm our tests are working and any change hasn’t broken existing code. Specifics for each technical stack really depends on what’s already there and your project's requirements. Except if you want everything in an Access db. We can’t do that.

Well, the first step is to define a brief. Write something down. Make sure it makes sense and clearly explains what you’re after. Include relevant examples or context. We don’t need War and Peace.

As part of your subscription, you’ll get your own Trello board. Stick in your brief, and this becomes a task in your Backlog. We’ll then review, and ask any clarifying questions or more information. We might need to break a large request into several smaller tasks.

Once this is ready to go, drag the task into your Active swimlane. You can only have one at a time.

When the work is done, the files will be attached to the ticket or in a code repository as appropriate, and the ticket will move into the approved swimlane.

We’ll keep on working until you’re happy.

We do have a basic service contract, which covers things like who owns the IP (you do) and disclosure (we agree not to share any of your private stuff). But the agreement is very flexible - you’re free to pause or cancel at any time.

If we change our pricing, then that’s the price for the next month.

Sure - if you change your mind and we haven’t started on working together, then we’ll organise a refund straight away. If we’ve already started working and then you pause or cancel, you won’t get charged for the next month.

Start with the brief or problem, and we can refine the idea from there. We work in open source technologies, so if there’s a particular commercial platform you need development done for, let us know and we’ll get back to you asap. If it’s not something we can help with, we’ll let you know and see if we can line up a separate resource to help you out.

There are a few things that are outside our area of specialisation - a tool which isn't well documented, or VB scripts to power your Excel. But it is tricky thing to have a definitive list- say for example you wanted drone footage of the inside of a submarine to loop on your landing page, this would not be something we just have lying around. If you log a brief that has something we don’t do, we’ll let you know if we can find a separate resource that can be utilised to do that kind of work.

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