The 3Rs - resourcing

These 3Rs are the most important aspects of your website development. They are linked, and they will determine if your product is a success.

Building a digital product can be daunting. Agile methodology was developed to help tech teams plan their work into short term “sprints” usually around 30 days. This gives flexibility to adapt and make changes along the way. However if you’ve got a fixed budget or fixed timeline - then you’re going to need a bit more certainty.

You might be wondering:

  • How much will my website cost?
  • I have a small developer team, how long will this take?
  • What are my resourcing options?
  • Which features are going to create the biggest impact?
  • When will I get revenue? And how?

Product Workshop, Roadmap and Sprint Plan

What we’ll discuss:

  • Host a 1 day workshop in our office over video call drilling into your audience and technology goals
  • Develop your Product Roadmap - identify key features and a sequence of development that links to resources and revenue.
  • Create your Agile Sprint Plan that customised to your development team that is easy to implement, test and deliver.
  • Your roadmap and sprint plan can be developed with your tech team and stakeholders - giving everyone clarity on the plan.

Time: about About 2 weeks

Cost: Contact us to discuss your project

3Rs Workshop, Roadmap and Sprint Plan

We start with a 1 day workshop to really understand your users, goals and existing tech stack if you have one.

Then using Agile methodologies we can create a roadmap and sprint plan to achieve your development goals. Giving you clarity in terms of resourcing and timing.

The focus will be on delivering early. Getting your digital product or service in front of your users quickly and generating value early. Identifying different revenue or value pathways is essential to the long term success of any digital project.

At the end you will gain clarity over your development path, resourcing and project value. You will have an actionable report to share with investors, stakeholders and your development team.

Our planning processes have helped startups and established corporates get in front of their users quickly. If you have a digital project that needs a jump start contact us today to discuss a 3Rs Workshop, Roadmap and Sprint Plan.

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