Digital Product Development Workshop

Help you plan, develop and deliver your digital product. Start with a 1:1 Workshop, and finish with your very own Product Roadmap and Agile Sprint Plan.

Start your digital project on the right track with

Discovery Workshop. Product Roadmap. Sprint Plan.

We have developed a package of services aimed bring your digital ideal to life. Articulate a compelling vision of your product with confidence, promote and share your enthusiasm with your skate-holders.

Once it is done, you will:

Know your project resources, time and costs required

Have an idea when you will see a return and how to get their sooner

Orchestrate your remotely located development teams

Understand the complex parts and the project dependencies

Be aligned on the development priorities and business goals

Have engaged stakeholders and a motivated team ready to start development

How it works

Red Ant Digital Disovery Workshop. One day workshop to get to know you and the core of your product

Discovery Workshop

One day workshop to get to know you and the core of your product. Bring vision of your business, audiences, stakeholders and organisational goals into focus.

Red Ant Product Roadmap. Using the findings of the workshop, we compile your very own Product Roadmap.

Product Roadmap

Using the findings of the workshop, we compile your Product Roadmap.

This one page document communicates the big picture of your product with phases of development and business goals. So you can promote and share your vision with your stakeholder with confidence.

Red Ant Agile Sprint Plan. Back up your product development with a this actionable guide and show how you can get things done

Agile Sprint Plan

Back up your product development with a this actionable guide and show how you can get thins done.

Using Agile methodology we break down your digital product in phases of development include testing criteria. Help you manage risk, identify dependencies from start to finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In our one day Discovery Workshop we will cover:

  • Current experience - what’s working, what’s not
  • Development of new user persona and goals
  • Project stakeholders - alignment and engagement
  • Goals and expected returns
  • Timelines and critical dates
  • Competitors now and expected entrants
  • Mandatory features and functionality VS "nice to haves"
  • Budget and resourcing - internal and external
  • Success criteria

Your Product Roadmap will give you the bigger picture of what your project will deliver.

You will have a one page document that you can share with your stakeholders to outline the evolution of your digital product. How the needs of different user groups will be supported and the priorities for development.

Your Agile Sprint Plan will detail the phases of delivery into actionable 2 week sprints.

You will have clarity on what will be developed in each sprint and how it can be tested and confirmed.

A Sprint Plan puts you back in control over your development and gives you the ability to engage and make refinements during the development phase.

Agile methodology was developed to help tech teams plan their work into short term "sprints" usually around 2 weeks.

This gives flexibility to adapt and make changes along the way. If you’ve got a fixed budget or timeline, sprints offer you a way of managing scope so that everyone stays focussed on the goal.

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