Tails for Whales

Tails for Whales

We’ve finally launched an update to the 551 project- you can check out the sparkly new goodness here.

Basically, each year Japan sends all these boats down to the Southern Ocean to hunt for whales. Last year they got 551, hence the name of the project. Fingers crossed that this year the number will be much lower, but the only way that is going to happen is if we all hassle, hassle, and hassle some more.

The Tails project involves taking photos of people making a whale tail with their hands (take a look at the site to get a better idea). These photos go into TV commercials, web sites, magazines, and a big book that went to our Prime Minister.

Hold off adding your tail pic for a few more sleeps- we’re beavering away on a new upload tool that will allow you to add your image straight in to the flash feed. To get the project up quickly, we’ve done the design and flash work first. We grabbed all of the images and associated information from the Flickr group and made a JSON feed for the Flash. This will then get replaced with a new admin tool that will help manage all the gazillions of photos and allow all the whale lovers to send in their stuff.

We worked on this project with the Dudes at Republic of Everyone, and IFAW. We hope you enjoy it and feel inspired to take a few Whale Tail photos of your own.

Tails was whales has been a huge success, and we've loved working on it. And now we're making it even better.