Ruby on Rails Code review and checkup

Just like checking your own health, it is useful to get your code reviewed and checked out. We can give you better idea of the good and the bad, and help you understand technical debt. Quick results at a fixed price.

We’ll perform and expert review of your code for security issues, performance problems and a quality analysis. You’ll get a good idea of how your code benchmarks against industry standards.

Who does the review?

One of our experienced engineers will conduct the review. The findings are then peer reviewed by a second engineer.

What do you check?

Everything to do with your code. We’ll look for problems - like repeating lines of code that could be a single function. Or unnecessary complexity. Or bits of code that never actually get called. We’ll look for strengths - what we think is done well or documented clearly.

What’s the cost of a code review?

$600. If you then decide to work with us, we’ll credit that - so the code review cost is essentially free.

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