Code Review and Checkup

Just like checking your own health, it is useful to get your code reviewed and checked out by a different set of eyes. We can give you a better idea of the good and the bad, and help you understand technical debt.

We'll perform an expert review of your code for security issues, performance problems and a quality analysis. You’ll get a good idea of how your code benchmarks against industry standards.

Common questions people want answers to

How good/reliable is the code we already have?

Is it ready to go live?

Have we made the right technology choice?

What are my options from here?

We keep on having this issue with X and Y. Are these resolved or do you think they’ll get worse?

We have this code and our developer thinks it is fantastic, but it keeps on breaking. Why? Is it good or bad?

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Project Review

  • Review progress and team
  • Quick review of areas such as tests and architecture
  • Provide analysis and options based on experience
  • Phone or hangout to run through

Product Roadmap

  • Review of Code, setup and automated test analysis of one repo
  • Review your development progress, and road map going forward
  • Report + chat (phone or hangouts)
    • Architecture
    • Security
    • Best practices
    • Tech debt
    • Test coverage & reliability

Agile Sprint Plan

  • A bigger version of Standard Code Review
  • Depending on app setup, there may be several different areas of the app we’ll look at in detail such as infrastructure
  • Review application performance
  • Review logs, for errors
  • Report + Meeting (in person or phone)

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Frequently Asked Questions

One of our experienced engineers will conduct the review. The findings are then peer reviewed by a second engineer.

Everything to do with your code. We’ll look for problems - like repeating lines of code that could be a single function. Or unnecessary complexity. Or bits of code that never actually get called. We’ll look for strengths - what we think is done well or documented clearly.

An in-depth code review can also include User Experience Design, Product Development, Payment flow. Just ask us.

We offer 3 levels of code review depending upon your needs and size of code base:

  • A free Project review
  • A $660 standard code review cover a single code base
  • A detailed in-depth code review for more complex code bases. These cost is estimated based on your App and needs for review.

Once we have access to your code based via GitHub we will run a series of standardised tests to check performance, security penetration and code analysis. At the same time, our senior developers will analyse the code code for it’s strengths and weaknesses. We’ll perform an expert review of your code for security issues, performance problems and a quality analysis. You’ll get a good idea of how your code benchmarks against industry standards and how to prioritise remedial issues to move forward.

Yes. We like to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with all our clients. It’s just good business practice. We have deep experience in providing advice on pre-market applications and our team is ready to manage your application in confidence. We have a standard NDA we like to use but please contact us if you have a specific agreement you would like to use.

Select the right level of code review for your needs and complete the form. If you are unsure please contact us directly and we can talk through your needs.

Once you have submitted a code-review form we will be in touch within 24 hours.

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