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Voome Weekly

Project Description

Voome, brought to you by the team behind 12WBT.

Realising that the 12WBT 12 week cycle with set start dates doesn’t suit all users, Voome is a low-cost, weekly subscription based alternative that offers the same great content as 12WBT but does so with an ‘anytime, anywhere’ attitude. It’s also great for those who’ve completed the 12WBT program and feel ready for a new challenge.

Voome has an intuitive sign up process that allows the user to respond to questions to get the most out of the service. From what kind of protein you prefer, whether you want meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all of them, asking if you want to maintain, lose, or increase your weight, to the kind of fitness style you prefer. Voome has it all covered and will tailor the experience just for you.

It goes even further! Using a Spotify style model, the meals you choose and the fitness videos you watch will personalise your experience as you interact with it. You can also pause your subscription at any time.

Understanding that users may not want both the fitness AND the nutrition elements of Voome together, we’re currently updating the site to add bundles - Fitness, Nutrition, or both. More on that coming soon…

Project Detail

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