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Voome Programs

Project Description

Voome Programs. It’s for those who don’t like to commit long term, but still need a bit of guidance and enjoy working out to the dulcet tones of their favourite fitness and nutrition experts.

Similar to Voome Weekly, we wanted to build a solution to help those who’ve found 12WBT and either decided not to participate in the program, or already made it through those 12 weeks and wanted more, but not the same.

This is how Voome Programs came to life.

Working primarily with fitness and nutrition influencers to create 4 week programs, users can choose to purchase a program for a one-off fee and the beauty of it is that they can keep coming back to it over and over again.

Working with these influencers is a win win win situation. From their perspective, they gain more followers. From the user perspective, they get to work with their favourite coach. From a business perspective, Voome gains more member through the influencer’s fanbase.

As time goes on more programs will be added to the list, allowing the user to filter by workout style, length, intensity, and much more.

Project Detail

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