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Voome Chat Bot

Project Description

If you’ve already read through Voome Weekly and Voome Programs, you’ll know what a gem of a product this is. And the Voome Ingredient Chatbot really takes the cake.

Here’s how it works.

You’re on the Voome Facebook page and you want to ask a question so you hit that handy little ’Message Now’ button.

You’re given two options. You can either ‘Find a Recipe’ or ‘Ask a Question’. Clicking on the latter will put you in touch with a real person and you can ask away. The former is where it gets clever.

Using WIT AI, a tool which allows developers to build applications and devices that you can talk or text to, the user can begin to have a conversation with a bot to help them find a recipe they might like. You can type in multiple ingredients, in a number of different ways, and the bot will interpret what you want and come back with recipe options for you. If you see one you like, it’s yours, for free! A taster if you will.

Following on from that, you’re also offered a 7 day meal plan, and if this tickles the tastebuds then you’ll be sent over to the website where you’ll need to subscribe to Voome in order to get your 1 week meal plan for free. If you’re already subscribed it’ll be added to your profile, just like that.

What’s great about the chatbot is that it gives users a sample of what’s in store for them should they sign up. Instead of advertising and sending them to the website, offering a free recipe or a meal plan without ever asking for money is a great way to warm them up.

Head over to the Voome Facebook page and give it a go!

Project Detail

Red Ant - Voome Chat Bot Red Ant - Voome Chat Bot Red Ant - Voome Chat Bot Red Ant - Voome Chat Bot