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Automated Proposal Platform

From the press release:

Development of Out of Home Industry’s Automated Proposal Platform commences

The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has today announced the appointment of Red Ant to build the Australian Out of Home (OOH) industry’s first Automated Proposal Platform (APP).

After an extensive global search and industry consultation, the decision to build the system in-house with a local Australian company was made.

“Red Ant are delighted to be selected as OMA’s partner to design and build the APP. The platform will revolutionise how agencies design and execute OOH media campaigns. It will be a highly innovative experience for advertising agencies in terms of ease of use, campaign integration and insights,” said Ben Still, CEO, Red Ant.

The APP will be built in an agile process, with the first stage to be released in 2018. Initially the platform will enable media agencies to request proposals from OMA member companies and combine these proposals into a campaign. Agencies will then able to confirm bookings and receive billing files within the software, as well as having access to MOVE audience reports. “The platform has been designed and built in Red Ant’s Sydney office using Ruby on Rails technology which allows the platform to be purpose built and scalable for huge volumes of data. This approach used by organisations like Twitter and Airbnb, allows for high demand surges and advanced interactive functionality. It also allows the OMA to continue the journey of innovation in OOH, creating a unique platform that delivers remarkable experiences to audiences everywhere. We’re really proud to be involved,” continued Still.

“The APP will allow the transaction of briefing, proposal evaluation, booking and billing OOH as seamless as possible. Creating real-time savings for planners and buyers of our channel, by having fast access to a platform that that allows them to visualise information about their campaign and audiences. We hope this will help agencies and clients better utilise the benefits of OOH,” said Charmaine Moldrich, CEO, OMA.

“Having the OMA and its members take an industry approach is seen as a critical future facing step for this sector. This initiative forms part of a vital foundation that ultimately leads to further streamlining and automation of the OOH workflow. It will ensure increased standardisation across the OOH eco-system can be delivered which in turn will allow for the unlocking data in the mid to longer term. We look forward to working with the OMA and its member as they share their plans and allow for continued input ensuring it meets the needs of agency stakeholders and their clients,” said Victor Corones, Managing Director, Magna Global and Chair of the MFA Systems Committee.

About MOVE

MOVE is Australia’s premier quantitative audience measurement currency for Out of Home (OOH) media, covering major OOH environments including roadside, airports, railway/bus stations, buses/trains/trams and shopping centres.

MOVE simplifies the planning and buying of OOH by producing audience measurement results for any combination of formats or tailored packages. As well as providing results numerically, an inbuilt mapping functionality visually displays the reach of a campaign against the chosen demographic and market(s).

MOVE enhances the standard measurement of target audiences, Opportunity To See (OTS), by reporting the active audiences through Likelihood To See (LTS). LTS is a quantitative measure that enables MOVE to account for the traditional passive audience interaction. LTS accounts for a number of visibility factors; values assigned to either the advertising face itself or the person passing the face within different audience environments. Visibility factors include the individual’s mode of transportation, speed and viewing location, as well as face metrics such as visual size to the audience and illumination. Note that LTS is neither a qualitative measure of the sign nor the audience dwell.

MOVE is endorsed by the Media Federation of Australia (MFA) and the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA).

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