Snapshot of our latest work

Snapshot of our latest work

Beauty Heaven

Beauty Heaven is the leading independent Beauty site in Australia, and we’re thrilled to be working with them. The site has a thriving membership, who continually add content and reviews to the site. They have a really neat loyalty system, where members get points the more they participate on the site- writing reviews of products, comments, and forum postings. They review various beauty products, and have a crack team of users to that road test various things.

We’ve recently rebuilt a Salon review tool, as well as optimised the signup process and home page.

Visit Beauty Heaven

Kleenex Puppy

This is site that we’ve been working on for a while now. The product packaging has been updated, so this design reflects the premium positioning.

Visit the Puppy

Project 551

Each year, Japanese whaling ships travel down from Japan to the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary. This year they managed to kill 551 whales.

We made this site for the International Fund for Wildlife as part of a campaign to highlight this. You can submit a photo of yourself making a whale tail with your hands, and get it included in a big glossy book.

Visit the 551 site

American Express cards

Multivariate testing site for American Express, which is performing quite well. This is a live test, so some people get the control (old site) and some get the MVT site.

Republic of Everyone

Republic of Everyone is a small brand agency that focus on sustainability.

Visit the site

u By Kotex (also known as That Beaver)

This is a consumer site that we made for the uBy Kotex brand.

Visit the site or the alternative version for New Zealand

Yates Get a Seed viral campaign

Viral component to an existing site, which encourages members to invite friends in.

Check out the campaign

Oak 67

Competition site where you can win money and prizes each day as part of an on pack promotion.

Bushells Tea

Product site and game for Bushells Tea brand

Visit the site

Here are a few of the projects that have been keeping us busy lately. I really should get around to putting them in to our portfolio, but the army of little fairies that live in our server that do all our work (well, the hard stuff anyway) have been a bit slack lately.