New work on Beautyheaven update

New work on Beautyheaven update

Beauty Heaven is the leading independent Beauty site in Australia, and we’re thrilled to be working with them. The site has a thriving membership, who continually add content and reviews to the site. They have a really neat-o loyalty system, where members get points the more they participate on the site- writing reviews of products, comments, and forum postings. Members review beauty products, and there is a crack team of users to that road test various lotions and potions.

This is the latest release is part of a number of changes that we’ve been making to the site to improve functionality and performance- faster, higher and that sort of stuff.

Some of these are new features you can see, such as a new home page, directory of beauty salons and new signup processes. Others changes are not so visible- like the totally rocking page cache that means pages load quicker and more efficiently. I could go on for hours with graphs and stuff, but won’t bore you here

This latest release involves upgrading from an early version of Rails (1.3) to the current version (2.3). Rails 2 has seen a massive number of improvements, so it’s quite a big leap. We used our trusty tool of choice Capistrano to manage the deployment - so we were able to test on our various stages of test servers before releasing into the wild.

Here are some screens:

Redesigned home page

Redesigned home page

The new feature that pulls in the latest articles on the home page (javascript)

Home page feed

Latest video widget thing that pulls in video and story excerpts (flash)

Video preview widget

Salon directory application

Salon directory

One of our long-term client, Beauty Heaven, has let us make some snazzy new updates to their super popular website. Think faster, higher and that sort of stuff.