Our Approach

We think there are three key things you need in place for a successful digital project. And we do these pretty well.

  1. Project Management
  2. Product Planning
  3. Technical Experience

Project Management

You're about to commit a lot of time and money to a project. It's vital that you understand and feel confident that your development team has a clear plan and management process for the work. Too often, technical complexity or "we're doing this Agile" is used as an excuse for not having a plan or process.

Managing digital projects - especially big ones - can be hard. We keep track of these four key elements:

  1. Budget - the amount of time originally allocated to this Sprint
  2. Forecast. Each week we plan out who is working on what for the next few months. This becomes a forecast for each project. We can see if we have budget for 2 developers, but only have one allocated.
  3. Actual - the actual time spent so far, broken down by task, person and sprint.
  4. Projection - taking into account progress so far and forward allocation, this is a projection of where we'll end up.

Life is too short to sit through workshops about ideas that will never see the harsh light of Production ready code.

We use Open Source software, and apply an Agile project delivery methodology.

Our core team of developers are very experienced at working on large scale, highly trafficked projects. We have spent many years developing our own technology stack around Ruby on Rails – the same open source framework used by sites like Airbnb, Shopify and Kickstarter.

We use Agile methodology to deliver ideas, UX, design and code. We prefer agile methodology because it provides a very open management style that permits and encourages a true partnering approach to product development.

We use dedicated teams, to maximise efficiency and reduce context switching. The people you deal with at the start are the people responsible for delivering.

We get it.

Team experience

Our development team members have at least 5 years experience specific to their expertise area (eg: devops, ruby, etc). We form a multi-disciplinary agile team around a core product idea, drawing on our extensive design, development and product delivery capabilities to bring it to life.

In house development

Our people work mainly on site here in the agency. We don’t offshore any of our work. Being part of a team environment and learning from our peers keeps everyone motivated and keeps our skills up to scratch.

Transparent project tracking

We have developed an in-house tool called Project Summary Tool. We use PST internally to track and manage all our projects, and we share this data with our clients. We get amazing feedback from our customers – they are confident in our ability to deliver since we are clearly keeping a close eye on progress.

Automated testing and continuous improvement

We follow a process called “test driven development”. Tests are an integral part of the way we work. From the beginning of every project, we start writing tests based on how we think the product should work. These get made into automated scripts, and in the course of a project we’ll make thousands of these and we can then check them continuously.

KPI & Insight Development Development UX & Design

What is a Digital Product?

Digital Products are websites or apps that provide some form of utility to users. These allow people to “do” stuff. Unlike a static site, which might be used for marketing a product or service, these sites are themselves the product or service. They help users learn new things, store information, or interact with others. Digital Products tend to be fairly dynamic, customising the experience and content based on that user. More on defining a digital product.

Core skills

  • Technical development
  • Mobile apps & sites
  • Content management
  • Big data tools & analysis
  • Digital road mapping
  • Content Marketing
  • Continuous integration
  • Analytics & KPI planning
  • Ecommerce
  • Membership systems
  • UX & site design
  • Agile project management

...which become

  • Web sites
  • Mobile sites
  • Data report dashboards
  • Social apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Digital road maps
  • Digital strategy

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