Who are all these fake people on LinkedIn?

Who are all these fake people on LinkedIn? linkedin1

Who are all these fake people on LinkedIn?

Here’s my problem: I’m being constantly befriended by totally hot (but very fake) people on LinkedIn. Is it just me? What started as a dribble is now quite regular. Are there actually any real people left or have I already met all the real people? Is this a diabolical plan by LinkedIn to meet member targets?

Try this: take 5 min to check through your Linkedin network. Does anyone look like they’ve come out of a stock photo library? Or have nonsensical job descriptions? Make you wonder why someone from that company wants to be your LinkedIn buddy?

My way of checking bona fides goes like this:

  1. Click on the profile link in the invite email
  1. copy image URL for their photo
  1. Go to Google image search, and search by image
  1. Paste the image URL in and presto

Now maybe the Laura that contacted me is the Real Laura, and her image has been stolen. Or maybe the real person is Morag, Aline or Imogen. Are identical quadruplets even a thing? I’m pretty sure Gavin is a fake.

Other signs:

  1. A profile image that looks like a stock photo (chin on hand etc)
  2. Job descriptions which are, well, job descriptions. Like Laura’s: “A senior product manager handles many of the oversight duties involved in getting a product from the concept stage to the production stage…”.
  3. University details with some kind of score (Laura is “A+”, others have “98”)

I am getting several of these each week. I can see these fake profiles are already friends with many other people in my network. So maybe those people that I thought were real are fake too. The zombie apocalypse is nigh!

Who are all these fake people on LinkedIn?