The perils of ecommerce and how objects may appear larger and better

How I ended up here: - I go to a shopping mall, try to buy shoes for my 9yo son - First try discount store which shall remain nameless, because you'll think I'm cheap. Nothing even remotely child sized - every shoe is gigantum size or pink - Try a specialty kids shoe shop, walk out amazed at the queues. Why do parents do this to themselves? - Think I'm being clever, catch a movie and then try again a few hours later. The queues are even bigger. - Go home, check shoe size (5) and then jump online. Grab child to confirm style and colour. - Shoes are ordered, feeling smug. I'm the Cool Dad. Yeah. - My wife comes home and points out that for children's shoes there is toddler size (up to size 12) and then it starts again with "youth" size 1 - I check eBay, and yes the description is pretty clear (if I had scrolled down to read that far) that this is in fact a 6cm shoe - [Dreaded delivery]( arrives. Luckily there has been a rush on babies at Red Ant recently (something in the coffee I think), so there are plenty of little feet. ![](/assets/uploads/2013/danger.jpg)