Our recent interactive tools

#### Yates Virtual Garden [![Example 1](/assets/uploads/2010/yates-virtual-garden-1-thumb.jpg)](/assets/uploads/2010/yates-virtual-garden-1.jpg) [![Example 2](/assets/uploads/2010/yates-virtual-garden-2-thumb.jpg)](/assets/uploads/2010/yates-virtual-garden-2.jpg) [![Example 3](/assets/uploads/2010/yates-virtual-garden-3-thumb.jpg)](/assets/uploads/2010/yates-virtual-garden-3.jpg) Yates Virtual Garden allows you to plan out your garden and see what fits where. As you drag items in to your garden - like a water tank or some roses, the tool also updates with relevant articles, project ideas, possible problems and expert answers for water tanks or roses. [Try Yates Virtual Garden](http://www.yates.com.au/garden-club/virtual-garden/) #### Huggies Baby Room Decorator [![Example 1](/assets/uploads/2010/huggies-baby-room-1-thumb.jpg)](/assets/uploads/2010/huggies-baby-room-1.jpg) [![Example 2](/assets/uploads/2010/huggies-baby-room-2-thumb.jpg)](/assets/uploads/2010/huggies-baby-room-2.jpg) [![Example 3](/assets/uploads/2010/huggies-baby-room-3-thumb.jpg)](/assets/uploads/2010/huggies-baby-room-3.jpg) The Baby Room decorator is a 3d modelling tool that allows you to plan out your new baby room. Have a look at what some different wallpaper would look like, or putting in another window. [Try Huggies Baby Room Decorator](http://www.huggies.com.au/pregnancy/baby-nursery/baby-room-decorator) #### Huggies Baby Eye Colour Predictor Use this tool to work out what the chance is of your baby having blue, green or brown eyes. Or perhaps something else [Try Huggies Baby Eye Colour Predictor](https://www.huggies.com.au/pregnancy/early-stages/eye-colour) #### Huggies Kids Height Calculator Use this tool to see how tall your child will grow. [Try Huggies Kids Height Calculator](https://www.huggies.com.au/pregnancy/early-stages/height)