Project Description is one of Australia’s leading independent beauty sites. The site has a thriving membership, who continually add content and reviews to the site.

The beautyheaven site has a very successful loyalty system, where members get points the more they participate on the site – writing reviews of products, comments, and forum postings. They review various beauty products, and there is a crack team of users that road tests various beauty products.

Bits we’re especially proud of:

  • slideshow tool
  • quiz tool
  • product & review pages

Seeded by eye-catching design, great pictures and relevant articles, Beauty Heaven has built a vibrant community of beauty addicts. A savvy membership system raises the status of contributors and gives them a reason to write reviews and give feedback. A smart way to leverage the knowledge of the community.

  • Editors use content tools to make feature articles stand out
  • Vibrant community of users in forum and review areas
  • Interesting tools such as Salon Directory

Project Detail