At Red Ant, we have a “mobile first” approach to projects. Mobile technology moves quickly and the number of different devices is growing. Users’ expectation of flawless, continuous service has never been higher.

To deal with this, we have been developing a mobile testing framework that allows us to test our work across a number of different devices automatically. A fresh version of the site is published, and then each of the target devices runs through a series of end-to-end browser tests using virtual users.

This testing framework allows us to quickly identify issues and manage an ever-growing list of supported devices.

Ben Still 17 Sep 2013

Doing it on the small screen doesn’t always mean a mobile App. Actually it probably shouldn’t.

Most of our projects now have over 50% mobile traffic. So mobile strategy is becoming increasingly important

Ben Still 16 Sep 2013

Fast follower strategy DOA?

Five reasons why we think your fast follower strategy might not work out so well.

Ben Still 04 Oct 2012

Mobile first – 5 key constraints on mobile devices

Get ahead by going ‘mobile first’. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges we face when doing so.

Ben Still 17 Jun 2012

Going Mobile

Mobile traffic is growing crazy like. If you’re addressing this already by thinking about a mobile aspect of your website, great! If not, read on…

Ben Still 25 Oct 2010

I’d like an iPhone app. Ten tips for your iphone app design brief

Ten quick tips: considerations for your iphone app design brief

Ben Still 04 Oct 2010

Yates Problem Solver iPhone App

We take you through our great new iPhone app designed to help solve those common garden problems.