Senior Account Manager / Project Manager / Producer


  • Work with us on shaping and delivering complex web projects
  • Experienced PM / Account Manager / Producer
  • Ruby on Rails using Agile methodology

First, a bit about us

We’re a technical agency in Surry Hills, and (as you’ve probably guessed) we’re looking for more people.

We’re enjoying really high demand for our services, and many of our larger clients have been with us for over 10y. We’re tightly integrated with our clients. With high end tech, switching costs are quite high – it would mean loss of IP, momentum and business risk.

I describe Red Ant as being creatively technical – we work on shaping these digital products and then actually building them. We’ve chosen to focus on Ruby on Rails, which is used for big sites like AirBnB, Kickstarter and Groupon. We’ve grown to be the biggest Ruby specialist agency in the Asia Pacific region.

Some of our work

With Michelle Bridges we’ve shown how you can take a digital product, merge it with TV and grow it to be the clear local category leader. If you have a fur baby, another digital/TV project is

Huggies is a project which has grown from a small site we started over 12 years ago to one of the biggest parenting sites in the region. With well over 1M unique visitors a month, we’ve built everything from CRM integration to loyalty reward systems and we manage content and community engagement.

Tribe is a social influencer marketplace that we’ve built. Turns out there are all these people on Twitter and Instagram that have many more fans than I have. And there are all these brands really keen to get these influencers to discuss their product. Tribe connects them and is experiencing rapid growth.

To get a better idea of our work have a look through our portfolio.

A bit about you

You’re really smart, pretty geeky, and you get both people and how they use technology. You’ve worked in this area for a few years, and want to get deeper experience in shaping and building digital products. You’re super organised, so much so that your friends might tease you about it. And finally, you’re really into how things work, and you’re always interested in learning more.

Some specifics to help you decide if this role is right for you:

  • +3y experience with project or account management
  • You’re pretty across this whole Internet thing
  • We try to be as Agile as we can. If big requirements docs and Waterfall (not the Tom Selleck one) are your thing, this is most not the gig for you.
  • you have a “thing” – something you’re intensely interested in. Not Cosplay or rare pokemon, but maybe you’re really into mobile retail or cool ways to use beacons or…
  • experience with planning tools like Jira (or similar)
  • you take pride in your projects and love to see them land

You might also wonder why I have 3 roles in the title of this ad. Weird huh? Will you be expected to be doing all 3? The reason is that different people call the same role different things. We’re after a senior person who can both shape and deliver big digital projects. Everyone has different skills and strengths, and once we’ve found The One we’ll work out which areas you need support in (cue next job ad)


If you’re interested, please send Sarah an email with an outline of your experience and the size and type of projects you’ve worked on. Rather than a big attachment, we’d love to find out (in a short email) more about you, your thing and what you’ve been doing.

Recruiters please: I could write pretty much anything here as you probably won’t read down this far but please – don’t be that guy. We’re not interested in getting contacted by recruitment companies about this. Ever. Thank you!


Surry Hills, just off Oxford St (map here). In terms of transport, we’re close to trains, buses, and nowhere near an airport. But lots of bike lanes. For lunch, we have a gazillion cafes, bars and restaurants around us. Actually we have a pretty good restaurant (Longrain) directly under our office.

Have a walk around our office

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